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Marine Surveys

An independent, technical and comprehensive survey coordination service. We provide marine surveyors and adjusters, loss adjusters, valuers, inspectors, appraisers and consultants.

Acting in the market as a trustworthy organisation, we attest facts, prove the circumstances, validate consequences, verify conditions and cooperate with interested parties to resolve matters in the fairest way. These values currently make us a leading company at an international level.

We provide surveying services through a network of international specialists which is coordinated through its HQ in Spain. It counts on its own digital protocols.


Cargo surveys

Surveys of any cargo type, from liquid and dry bulk to refrigerated and frozen goods and containerized cargoes. 


Hull & Machinery Surveys

Surveys of vessel’s hull, machinery, equipment and certification, offshore structures and fixed & floating objects.


Cargo Pre-Shipment Surveys

We carry out export and pre-shipment related inspections of goods on behalf of local and overseas clients. Supervision and monitoring of loading / discharging.


Marine Warranty Survey

An independent third-party technical review and approval of high value and high-risk marine construction and transportation project operations.


Container Surveys

On Hire and Off Hire Surveys of Containers. Damage Surveys of Containers and Stripping of Goods into / out of Containers.


Draft Survey

Useful to guarantee to the receiver of goods that the discharged amount of cargo corresponds to the amount agreed with the seller.

What we offer

How does it work?

From the very first moment, our customers are represented by a Marine specialist who attends to their interests on the spot, at the point of the accident or fault origin.

Upon receipt of an expertise requirement, a brief analysis of the information available is carried out in order to activate the most specialised inspector closest to the point of survey.

The expert arranges contacts on the spot to coordinate the visit and informs about the agreed inspection time (in the event of joint survey) or confirms they are on his way (in the case of urgent inspection). If applicable, the surveyor will handle (legal) protest (LOP) onto the liable party involved, safeguarding the customer’s interests.

In a very short time, the scope of the incident is reported (with photographs), by means of a preliminary report stating the most probable cause of the damage and its extension, as well as a first assessment of the quantum of the incident. If necessary, the client is consulted on the need to deepen investigations, with additional actions involved, including if advisable, the complementary assistance of other experts or technologies (laboratories, verification or quality test centres, private investigators and so on. 

In that way, the expert will proceed with subsequent checks and investigations, as well as completing pending documents that allows them to assess and prove data and values related to the case. The completion of these steps will allow the issue of the final damage report, stating the extension, cause and assessment of the damage that occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have a list of typical queries and doubts our clients may have.

Claimar has a network of representative surveyors in more than 180 countries, mainly focused on coastal logistic areas and ports. Contact us and we will be pleased to advance an estimation of reaction time for the location you are interested in.

Yes, of course! Claimar can assist you using the available documentation and the technical and legal expertise of our team.

Claimar can assist you by means of preventative surveys at pre-loading or corrective surveys at destination. Even better, Claimar can organise full quality monitoring of the supply chain in order to detect the weak point/s and apply corrective measurements. 

Interested in joining our Surveyor Network?

We are Claimar, your Third Party Administration (TPA) management partner, skilled and expert in marine services.


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