Risk Management


Risk Management

Risk management refers to identifying what could go wrong, evaluating which risks should be dealt with and implementing strategies to take precautionary steps to reducing/curbing those risks.

Risk management has become an important part of the management role in marine industry. Why is risk management so important? Because there has been an increase in risks and catastrophic damage or losses in maritime transport, businesses that have identified the risks will be better prepared and have a more cost-effective way of dealing with them. 

Claimar supplies its risk management expertise to the brokerage market and their customers such as manufacturers, EPC contractors, supply-chain and global logistic operators, including marine transport and international trading.


Risk identification

Understanding of how the business works, internal and external factors that affect performance in Marine. Detection of potential risks in world wide commerce and trading, for global or domestic projects.


Risk assessment

Ability to support using economic and financial data evaluation and analysis of models and understanding of implications. Definition and structure of Risk Self Assessments.


Risk evaluation

Risk analysis and decision making. Governance, policies and procedures assistance.
Transfer: Liase and negotiate consultancy to understand the underlying risk.
Avoid: Planning assistance to skip or minimize the potential risk, incentivizing behaviors.
Prevention: Evaluation of financial forecast of risk assumption, auto-insurance.


Risk monitoring

Risk quantification, measurement & modeling (Key Risk Indicators). Technical auditing and reporting for risk control and improvement actions.

Key Indicators

We help you to make better decision

Using programmed and tailored activities with our customer, the goal is to reach the proper decision sequences for minimizing risk with time and cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have a list of typical queries and doubts our clients may have.

Yes, of course. Claimar would appoint the expert you need at every stage of the project according to the profile required as:

  • Co-operator with risk management dept.
  • Assistance to Engineering, Traffic or Logistic depts.
  • Joint kick-off and development meetings with parties involved, including brokerage and insurance deals, with analysis and reporting of preventative, corrective or implementing measurements.
  • MWS Surveys and Cargo Loss Prevention Consultancy.

No doubt your broker always looks for the best insurance contracts for you. We offer Marine expertise including road transport risk consultancy to allow your broker to obtain the best insurance policy under the best conditions. Moreover, we can handle in your name the most appropriate recovery actions for higher outcome.

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