7. Recovery



Recovery in marine insurance

Claimar specializes in finding amicable solutions for cargo losses avoiding litigation. We have international experience in solving cargo claims in many countries around the world.

Therefore, as we know all the details, information, and particular circumstances about the case, and, since we have maintained contact with the insured party throughout the process, the natural step would be to continue with the recovery.

Our goal is to reach an amicable agreement in the shortest time possible.



As we are engineers and lawyers we have all the tools at your disposal in just one place.



Claimar not only assesses the loss in technical terms, but also in legal terms.



We save time, money and resources. With an effective claim analysis loss impact will be minimized in terms of valuation and also of process.



We thoroughly protect our clients’ rights against  opponents

What we offer

How does it work?

When our client receives the subrogation receipt signed by beneficiary of the policy, we can start with the Recoveries actions. As we have been handling the file, we don’t need more information or documentation, so we don’t ask anything more of our client.

After studying the documentation, we send our client an email with the merits of the claim and our reference number. Then, we start the claim against liable parties. The claim contains key facts, value of damages and supporting documentation. If we obtain an offer, we will communicate it to our principal with a professional recommendation.

If our principal accepts the offer, we will send the receipt and release to the opponent to settle the agreement.
Usually, we receive the payment in our bank account because it allows us to check if the payment has been made.
In case no amicable recovery is possible, we send our client a recommendation: to close or to bring litigation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have a list of typical queries and doubts our clients may have.

Usually, we settle recoveries in approximately 6 months. But it is an estimation, it depends on the type of claim, documentation, opponent etc.

We know the laws which apply in marine insurance, so we know which is the best course of action to protect your rights.

Every month, you will receive a report in which you can see the update of the status of the claim.

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Our team is already used to working in different locations and languages with one thing in common: Customer satisfaction.
We are Claimar, your Third Party Administration (TPA) management partner, skilled and expert in marine services.


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