5. Loss adjustment


Loss Adjustment

Analysis of root cause and quantum of the claim to adjust losses according to insurance policy coverages and clauses.

Claimar has a vast experience adjusting claims. It is precisely this along with our experienced professionals that makes Claimar unique when dealing with marine claims.

Our team comprises of specialists that determine the cause and extension of the loss, together, and most importantly, an international approach and understanding of Marine insurance policies and wordings in different countries.

Therefore, it is not only standard clauses Claimar is used to working with, Claimar adjusts losses according to wordings in different languages and jurisdictions with a great understanding of the issues involving Marine claims in different countries.



The higher level of expertise, the fewer errors and complaints from the insured.


Global approach

Our abilities include a global approach to Marine insurance and providing solutions elsewhere to different insurers and insureds.



By centralizing all or part of the claims process solutions are delivered more quickly.



Claimar has a solution for every need. Therefore, Claimar drafts settlement proposals or claim notes according to our Client needs and requirements.

What we offer

How does it work?

As legal experts, Claimar has vast experience handling marine insurance claims. As soon as the claim arrives, we attend to it with promptness. This is carried out by marine insurance experts, covering survey and legal protection, Claimar will assess what is the best outcome and action to take. We operate at the best quality standard and Claimar knows how to handle situations professionally and efficiently. Legal protection is  the foundation of a claim, therefore we take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here we have a list of typical queries and doubts our clients may have.

Claimar does adjust all types of claims, including Marine, Property, Liability and Casualty.
Not at all. Claimar does provide statements and reports to all claims handled. Moreover, possibility of live check of status of claims is available.

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