Full Claims Settling

First Notice of Loss

We are at our clients´ disposal 24/7. We can be contacted by phone or email. We are also compatible with the various platforms and apps used by insurance companies.

Legal protection

With us you have immediate legal protection against third parties involved. We provide ongoing legal consultancy and protection throughout the duration of the claim.

Analysis of the claim

We will analyse and assess every claim and can send Marine experts to survey incidents if necessary. We have a great deal of marine expertise to assist our clients throughout the duration of a claim.

Survey Coodination

Analysis of root cause and quantum of the claim to adjust losses according to insurance policy coverage and clauses.

Loss Adjustment

Once a claim is settled and the indemnity is to be paid, as part of our Compensation Management Scheme we issue a subrogation receipt, providing a seamless service from beginning to end.

Compensation Management Scheme

As part of our Compensation Management Scheme we have the experience to deal with payments anywhere.


Claimar has vast experience handling legal matters, negotiating settlements, in different jurisdictions, always believing the best option is to negotiate amicably, rather than litigation or arbitration.

Claim mitigation and salvage.

Claimar counts on its own extensive network in order to achieve prompt salvage sales for any cargo anywhere in the world.

We are Claimar, your Third Party Administration (TPA) management partner, skilled and expert in marine services.


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